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The Future is Now, and diversity is essential

Come and join for us a free event demonstrating and exploring why companies must listen to the voices of diverse young people now, for their businesses to flourish in the future.

The event
We all know that in 2016 business happens fast, that start-ups can disrupt age old industries and that millions of customers can be lost or won in a matter of seconds. But how do we thrive in this new world? And who should we look to for sage business advice and ideas to spur us towards success?

Lewie Allen, Managing Director of Dentsu Aegis Network’s new digital agency, fortysix, leads a group of young people from the local community through a real, live business challenge to showcase a new, fast way of working- the hope is to demonstrate what exciting results can be achieved when harnessing and valuing the voices of a diverse group of young people and acting quickly. But this event will be live, and anything can happen…

While Lewie and the young people work through their conundrum, they will be joined on stage by an expert panel including Jane Hudson Jones to discuss business now and why involving the young, the diverse and the different can achieve innovative results; and how even the old stalwarts of business can embrace this approach.

The event is brought to you by United Way UK, the official philanthropy partner of IFB2016, as part of our ‘First Day’ initiative- the number 1 way to introduce young people to business.

Where and when?

On the Blue Skies stage at the ECL Liverpool as part of IFB2016, from 11.30 until 12.30 on the 20th June, 2016.
Who can attend?
Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend, just register at this and anything else which is of interest on the IFB2016 eventbrite.