What is First Day

First Day is a new initiative, designed to be the number 1 way to introduce young people to business.

It was developed following significant exploration with youth charities as to the barriers young people face when considering employment and professional careers.

Much is being done to prepare young people with the skills for work and to develop meaningful opportunities in business. Yet the North West of England- where we are launching- still has the highest level of youth unemployment and, across the country, young people are nearly three times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population.

This shows that significant barriers still exist. Our work with specialist youth organisations identified key barriers as:

  1. Fear of the workplace. For many, a professional environment is new and intimidating. This can stop them taking advantage of opportunities, and result in underperformance if they do.
  2. Lack of relatable role models. Those who do not have contact with professional business people are unable to relate to them. These young people are unable to imagine a route which could result in them becoming professional and successful too.

First Day has been established to tackle these two barriers. We will launch at the International Festival for Business 2016, and use the festival, partnering businesses and sponsors as catalysts in the lives of hard to reach young people.

United Way

united-way United Way UK is a registered charity, and a member of the largest privately funded non-profit organisation in the world. Across more than 40 countries, United Way has impacted over 50,000,000 lives and supported nearly 3,000,000 volunteers.

What does United Way do?
We envision a world where every person reaches his or her full potential. To do this, we focus on giving everyone access to a good start in life, an inspiring education, a path to income mobility and a healthy lifestyle.

We do not do this alone. In every community in which we work, we collaborate with other charities, businesses and the people we are trying to benefit. We ask them to help us identify the issues we should prioritise for their community, and we work together to agree fitting solutions and how we can deliver them together.

And United Way UK?
The UK is one of the newest United Ways in the network. We are a small team, with huge potential to add to the existing charitable network in the UK; supporting others with the biggest potential to make a difference.

Our first focuses are primary school education, closing the literacy gap and getting young people- particularly those who are disadvantaged- not only prepared for, but excited about their futures.


LCVS Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Service (LCVS) is a registered charity established in 1909. Since then it has brought people, organisations and resources together to address the huge need, poverty and inequality that exist in Liverpool. LCVS knows issues can’t be solved with quick fixes so they work to build strong communities by addressing the underlying causes of these issues, through programmes that focus on education, health and income stability.

LCVS is the United Way in Liverpool.


IFBThe International Festival for Business 2016 (IFB2016) was a world leading business event in 2016. Attracting more than 26,000 delegates from over 100 countries, the festival was a buzzing marketplace for companies to create connections.

The IFB2016 was held at Exhibition Centre Liverpool over three themed weeks from 13 June to 1 July:

  • Week 1 – Manufacturing
  • Week 2 – Energy and Environment
  • Week 3 – Creative and Digital

Each week was packed with high-quality content, including:

  • One-to-one appointments with suppliers, buyers and investors (Meet Your Future Deal)
  • Export and investment opportunities
  • A range of free business services including legal, financial and marketing advice (Meet the Specialist Advisor)
  • Expert-led sector-specific seminars
  • World-renowned events such as TEDx, Accelerate 2016 and the Horasis Global Meeting
  • Large-scale networking
  • Inspiring talks from leaders in the fields of business, innovation and technology (Blue Skies)

Delivered by Liverpool Vision in partnership with UK Trade & Investment and the GREAT Britain Campaign, and with the support of the UK Government, IFB2016 featured the GREAT British Showcase – an exhibition of UK innovation, technology, design and creativity. It also featured the Exporting is GREAT Export Hub and a changing, interactive display of UK industry sectors and inward-investment opportunities.

IFB2016 showcased the UK as the go-to place to do business with over 3000 business meetings taking place, generating export and investment deals worth £265 million.

The IFB supported United Way as its Philanthropy Partner in the creation of ‘First Days,’ aiming to bring support and opportunity to the young people of Liverpool and the North-West.